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Addiction & Attachment


'American Drug War: The Last White Hope' (2:01:49)

'Black Friday': Madness of a Lost Society (3:59)

'Blood Diamonds' - Full Film (44:45)

'Cannabinomics: The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point' Book by Dr. Chris Fichtner MD (9:44)

'Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood' - Full Film (1:06:05)

'Heroin: The Next Generation' - Documentary Educational Video (1:30:08)

'How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?' (58:12)

'Is Alcohol Worse than Ecstasy?' - Full Film (49:21)

'Lightbulb Conspiracy' - Trailer (2:23)

'Political Fraud' by ClassWarFilms (10:16)

'Reefer Madness' (1938) - Full Film (1:08:20)

'The Story of Stuff' (9:50)

'They Live' (1988) (1:18:28)

Astounding Wingsuit Flight! (2:05)

Banned TedTalk: The War on Consciousness: Graham Hancock (18:45)

Best Herbs to Eliminate Pain (10:48)

Brand Killer (:55)

Breaking The Taboo (58:09)

Cannabis (58:57)

Decision Making, Addiction and Instinctive Consciousness? (3:05)

END:CIV Resist or Die (1:14:56)

Fighting the Law and Winning (1:22:49)

Furries: An Inside Look (36:57)

Going Undercover as a Mexican Drug Lord (8:05)

Guys and Dolls - Full Documentary (46:54)

Half Ton Killer: My Shocking Story (47:27)

HELP ME SLEEP! Camille's Video Diary: Week 3 with Fisher Wallace Stimulator (2:28)

How the West Went Bust Part 1 (59:15)

"I AM" - Trailer (2:30)

Ibogaine: A Cure for All Addictions (50:50)

Interview with Former DEA Administrator, Peter B. Bensinger by Tyler Bass (13:35)

Iona Miller and Charles Stone: Mankind Research Unlimited (55:19)

Is China the New Idol for Emerging Economies? (16:23)

Marijuana Miracle Cure - Part 1 (25:54)

My 600-lb Life: Melissa's Story (1:24:22)

Non-Attachment vs Detachment (1:14)

OverCriminalized Alternatives to Incarceration (22:32)

Peace on the Inside (10:55)

Political Correctness Is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism (11:56)

Practical Spirituality for Our Times (1:52:37)

Psychiatric Drugs and Recent Mass-Shootings (11:22)

Ram Dass on Attachment & Addiction (9:24)

Re-Imagining Work (9:06)

ReasonTV: Good Cop - His Department Has its Priorities Straight (3:33)

Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About! (8:49)

Sex and Punishment: 4,000 Years of Judging Desire (9:10)

Slab City: Life Off the Grid (5:23)

Status Anxiety: Alain de Botton (48:56)

Street Drugs Sold on the Internet (3:09)

Stupidity - Full Movie (1:00:43)

Suburban Junkies (12:01)

Terrorized into Being Consumers - Full (51:16)

The Genetics of Addiction (1:44)

The Lady and the Reaper (7:59)

The NeoCube: Why We Didn't Hang Out Last Night (1:36)

The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust Part 2 (59:20)

Tobacco Conspiracy: The Backroom Deals of a Deadly Industry (1:33:07)

Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted: The Possible Human (59:19)

Wired: South Korea (26:25)

‘Living Without Money’ (2010) (52:00)

‘No Logo’ (2003) (42:17)

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