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Cannabis & Hemp


'Cannabinomics: The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point' Book by Dr. Chris Fichtner MD (9:44)

'Hemp for Victory' (1942) (13:46)

'Leaf' - Film About Raw Cannabis Juice (15:00)

'Reefer Madness' (1938) - Full Film (1:08:20)

'Run from the Cure': Full Length Feature Documentary (58:02)

'The Botany of Desire' - Full Film (1:56:16)

'The Grounded 2' - Official Trailer (1:41)

'What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?' (49:01)

'When We Grow...this Is What We Can Do' (49:40)

10 Years to Life for Medical Marijuana: The Trial of Aaron Sandusky (6:32)

1941 Ford Hemp Car (:27)

a/k/a Tommy Chong (1:23:39)

An Examination of the PAUL IS DEAD Hoax (1:38:35)

Antimatter Spacecraft Propulsion The Future Is Now (14:54)

Archaeologists Unearth 2,400-Year-Old Bongs in Russia (3:00)

Astrotheology (1:03:06)

Cannabis (58:57)

Cannabis Cures Cancers (2:33)

Cannabis Smoke's Health Impacts (2:33)

Cathy O'Brien: Free Your Mind Conference 2013 (1:12:03)

Cured: A Cannabis Oil Story (9:15)

DEA Agent Joins Marijuana Industry (10:08)

DEA Head Impotent as Agents Solicit Cartel Prostitutes (5:35)

Doctors Endorse Anti-Cancer Properties of Cannabis (5:08)

Does Cannabis Cure Cancer? (8:42)

Drug Crazed: USA (15:47)

Ending the Global Drug War: Voices from the Front Lines (6:19)

Fighting Alongside Stoned Afghan Soldiers (4:12)

Final Teaser: 'The Grounded 2' VOD Launches Tonight! Check Your Inboxes at 3:35PM PDT, 4:35PM MDT, 5:35PM CDT and 6:35PM EDT! (3:42)

Health Benefits of HEMP Protein: KING of the PLANT Kingdom! (2:58)

Hemp 0001 (9:57)

Hemp Adobe Homes (0:43)

Hemp Car - Hemp Clothes - Hemp Building (5:24)

Hemp-Powered Super Batteries (1:23)

IDRASIL - The Cannabis Pill (0:34)

Interview with Former DEA Administrator, Peter B. Bensinger by Tyler Bass (13:35)

Kansas Seizes Activist’s Child Who Says, ‘Legalize’ (2:36)

Marijuana Miracle Cure - Part 1 (25:54)

Marijuana Movement - Idrasil Pill - C3 Patients Association (5:03)

Marijuana Vending Machine (0:35)

Mexico's Drug War (15:30)

Oaksterdam University Raid (2:24)

Other Worlds - d'Autres Mondes - Otros Mundos (1:13:40)

Police Officer Steals Marijuana... (1:26)

Protecting Marijuana's $2.7 Billion Cash Industry When Banks Won't (4:48)

Rick Simpson: Crush Cancer with Hemp & Truth - Part 1 (9:21)

Ron Paul: Hemp Better than Corn for Ethanol (1:33)

Slab City: Life Off the Grid (5:23)

Sorry Bro: Weed Story Independent Stop-Animated Short (2:17)

The Botany of Cannabis (9:04)

The House I Live In - Trailer (2:19)

The Power of RAW Cannabis (11:53)

Tobacco Worse than Cannabis? Answering, Drug Deputy Czar Hesitates (4:40)

US v. Steele Smith: Federal Marijuana Case (5:25)

Weed Country: Pot Grower Mike Boutin (6:49)

What is CBD? (6:48)

What Is Versativa? (3:06)

Wyoming Sheriff Says Agency Will Ignore Any Gun Control Laws It Considers Unconstitutional (4:12)

‘Cannabis For Kids’ (2015) (21:19)

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