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#1 Anticancer Vegetable (9:02)

'A Farm for the Future' - Full Film (48:39)

'Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business' - Part 1 (1:48:00)

'Dying to Have Known' - Independent Feature Documentary (1:19:01)

'Human Harvest' (2015) (25:28)

'Kymatica' (2009): Independent Documentary (1:23:47)

'Leaf' - Film About Raw Cannabis Juice (15:00)

'Making a Killing' - Full Documentary (1:34:42)

'Project 10-10-10: Pill or Perception?' Trailer for Independent Film (233)

'Project 101010 Pill or Perception' - Full Length Documentary (1:20:45)

'Run from the Cure': Full Length Feature Documentary (58:02)

'Scientology: The Ex-Files' - Part of Australian Documentary (10:18)

'The Beautiful Truth' (1:31:34)

'The Bleach Cult' (34:09)

'The Ghost in Your Genes' - Full Documentary (49:06)

'The Grounded 2' - Introduction (2:05)

'The Grounded 2' - Official Trailer (1:41)

'The Mind-Benders: LSD and the Hallucinogens' (1967) (24:02)

'The Origin of AIDS' (2004) Full Documentary (43:50)

'The Romantics' - Documentary about a Movement (58:07)

'The Sacred Science' - Full Film (2012) (1:16:12)

'The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard' (1968) - Full (25:59)

'The Truth About Exercise' - Full Film (58:30)

'Trance-Formation' - Full Film (1:37:06)

'What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom?' - Full Film (59:03)

'What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?' (49:01)

'When We Grow...this Is What We Can Do' (49:40)

'Zombies: A Living History' - Full Documentary (1:27:20)

1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres (2:54)

29 Years Old and Hearing Herself for the First Time (1:31)

3-D-Printing Derby the Dog’s Legs (3:04)

3D Printer Produces Organs for Transplant (1:33)

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World (18:19)

8 Month Old Deaf Baby's Reaction To New Cochlear Implant (:50)

A Cure for Morgellons Disease? (3:18)

A Metabolic Switch that May Help Diabetes Treatment (4:04)

A Quiet Revolution - Narrated by Meryl Streep (25:54)

Alive Inside (6:30)

Ancient Knowledge Part 1 (25:55)

Anticancer (10:21)

Apricot Seed Kernels: Super Food (3:14)

Are Americans Harvesting Ukrainians for Flesh? (9:31)

Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener (6:53)

Best Herbs to Eliminate Pain (10:48)

Bioengineered Kidney Makes Urine (3:15)

Bodyshock - The Girl With X-Ray Eyes (1 of 4) (14:28)

Bodyshock - The Girl With X-Ray Eyes (2 of 4) (13:30)

Bodyshock - The Girl With X-Ray Eyes (3 of 4) (13:19)

Bodyshock - The Girl With X-Ray Eyes (4 of 4) (7:11)

"BuildingWhat?" (:31)

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business: Part 2 - Trailer (5:10)

Cancer is a Fungus - Part 1 (9:41)

Cancer is a Fungus Part 2: Treatment (9:56)

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary (1:32:46)

Cannabis Smoke's Health Impacts (2:33)

Caring Makes Us Human (4:11)

Check the Health of Your Feet in Under 2 Minutes (4:53)

Cherubism: Real Story (2:57)

CLARITY Process: Interview with Karl Deisseroth (4:00)

Clark Retirement Community (6:23)

Could a SmartPhone Change Your Medical Care - Brian Williams (9:06)

Cured: A Cannabis Oil Story (9:15)

David Wolfe on EMF Protection: Earthing (7:00)

Decalcifying Your Pineal Gland (7:04)

Decontamination (4:00)

DNA is a Torsion Field Antenna (4:50)

Doctors Endorse Anti-Cancer Properties of Cannabis (5:08)

Does Cannabis Cure Cancer? (8:42)

Does Vitamin C Cure Cancer in Only 16 Weeks? (6:56)

Dr Gaetan Chevalier Debunks Skeptoid: 'The Grounded 2' (3:31)

Dr Mercola, Dr. Sinatra and Son, Step (2:47)

Dr. Lorraine Day - Cancer Cure (55:50)

Dr. Mercola and Bob Capelli Discuss Astaxanthin (48:45)

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche: Big Pharma Is Organized Crime (7:41)

Dr. Rima: Radiation & Chelation RadProtect (29:13)

Dr. Sinatra and Son, Step (7:20)

Dr. Willard's Water on 60 Minutes (14:09)

Earth Magnetism, the Human Body and '2012' (5:20)

Earthing and Wellness Are Yours for the Taking (6:45)

Edgar Mitchell on the UFO Cover-Up in the Film, 'The Grounded 2' (6:00)

Ego: The Worst Confidence Trick Director's Cut of Final Scenes from 'Revolver' (2005) (1:41)

Epigenetics & the New Biology (7:37)

Evidence that Coffee Protects Against Prostate Cancer (2:16)

Extremely Radioactive Snow in Fukushima! (11:20)

FDA: HIV Vaccine Ready for Trials (1:40)

Final Teaser: 'The Grounded 2' VOD Launches Tonight! Check Your Inboxes at 3:35PM PDT, 4:35PM MDT, 5:35PM CDT and 6:35PM EDT! (3:42)

Fix the World Organization with HopeGirl and Co. (1:13:25)

Food is the Best Medicine (49:08)

Foods and Supplements that Protect Against DNA Damage: Dr. Russell Blaylock (24:19)

G. Edward Griffin: A World Without Cancer (55:14)

Gary Taubes: Why We Get Fat (1:27:51)

Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison (46:48)

Grounding Sheets (2:13)

Heal for Free - Trailer (3:40)

Healing Cancer World Summit Free Online Event Starting Tuesday, Oct 25th (3:31)

Health Benefits of HEMP Protein: KING of the PLANT Kingdom! (2:58)

Healthmasters Talk Supplements and GMOs (2:50:29)

HELP ME SLEEP! Camille's Video Diary: Week 3 with Fisher Wallace Stimulator (2:28)

How Psychedelics Are Saving Lives (5:39)

How Quickly Does Earthing Affect Your Body? (3:56)

How to Decontaminate Yourself (3:38)

How to Escape from LA + Valuable Decontamination Tips (4:30)

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with a Towel (4:19)

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions (7:56)

How to Oil Pull: for Naturally White Teeth and a Healthy Body (7:09)

How to Reverse Aging (4:38)

How to Thrive off the Grid with no Electricity, Car, Internet, TV or Solid House (13:02)

Hugo Chavez: Is the U.S. Inducing Cancer in Political Leaders? (4:13)

Hydrofluosilicic Acid is a Noxious Poison (2:21)

Is Glyphosate Causing the Autism Crisis? (2:08:25)

Is Male Circumcision Child Abuse? (29:40)

Is There Life After Death? (8:45)

Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves? Lissa Rankin, MD (18:51)

Is Thinking Giving You Lethal Brain Cancer? (2:58)

Jim Humble: "The FDA Persecutes Me" (17:47)

John of God: Brazilian Miracle Surgeon (45:19)

Joseph Stalin and the Monkey Army (3:45)

Jungle Trip: Ayahuasca (49:23)

Kansas Seizes Activist’s Child Who Says, ‘Legalize’ (2:36)

Kathleen on Dying and Dinner Parties (2:32)

Keshe Plasma Reactor for Clean Energy, Nuclear Decontamination and Space Travel (6:12)

Live Long, Live Wild: The Secret to a Long Life (50:03)

Louise Hay - 'You Can Heal Your Life' Full Length (1:29:26)

Man Run Through With Sword Does Pretty Well (2:10)

Marijuana Miracle Cure - Part 1 (25:54)

Marijuana Movement - Idrasil Pill - C3 Patients Association (5:03)

Meet 126-year-old Luo Meizhen (14:53)

Minding Your Mitochondria: Dr. Terry Wahls (17:47)

Minerals that Remove Radiation From Your Body: Zeolite, Bentonite & French Green Clay (14:55)

Monkeys: Helping Hands (2:20)

My 600-lb Life: Melissa's Story (1:24:22)

Natural Arthritis Relief (6:27)

Never, Ever Give Up (4:55)

Occupy: Farmers March (8:05)

Off the Grid: Inside the Movement (3:52)

Orgone Energy (9:59)

Oxidative Stress and Aging (11:32)

Paralyzed Woman Uses Mind to Control Her Robotic Arm (1:19)

Parasites Inside You (9:59)

Reel Wisdom (7:02)

Rick Simpson: Crush Cancer with Hemp & Truth - Part 1 (9:21)

Royal Raymond Rife Suppressed Medical Technology (41:36)

Searching for a Golden Cage (12:47)

Secret Messages: Abductee George Kavassilas (35:28)

Shooting Flames from Your Hands (9:54)

Slab City: Life Off the Grid (5:23)

Sleepless in America (1:27:58)

"SmartMeters" & EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time (43:12)

Surgeons Use Tooth to Create New Eye (1:45)

Surviving the Singularity: Top 3 Supplements (:58)

Tao Te Ching (14:04)

TED Mina Bissell: Experiments that point to a new understanding of cancer (16:19)

The American Parasite: 250 Million Americans Infected (29:48)

The Botany of Cannabis (9:04)

The DMT/Ayahuasca Journey Explained: Graham Hancock and David Icke (15:29)

The Future is "Really not that Bad" (21:44)

The Genetics of Addiction (1:44)

The Placebo Effect (4:55)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53:06)

The Real Green Garage (3:51)

The Skin Gun (3:28)

The Truth about Depression (59:00)

The Vegas Hangover Cure (3:01)

Traditional Diets: Benefits of Raw Whole Milk? (7:34)

Victory for 9/11 Justice! (8:27)

What is Earthing? (1:41)

Why Identical Twins Become Less Identical: Epigenetics (5:37)

WiFi Radiation Danger! (7:37)

"You're in a Virtual Game": Sonia Barrett (1:18:32)

Your Blood Type and Your Food (10:12)

‘Cannabis For Kids’ (2015) (21:19)

‘Make Me Smarter’ (2013) (57:40)

‘The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off’ (2004) (49:32)

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