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'60 Minutes' Blows The Lid Off Congressional Insider Trading (15:20)

'97% Owned' - Monetary Reform Documentary - Director's Cut (2:01:23)

'Bitcoins Much Safer than Money in Banks' (4:36)

'Born Rich' - Full Film (1:06:31)

'Capitalism Is The Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity' - Full (1:39:45)

'Dollar Valueless, About to Crash' (24:15)

'Dollar Valueless, About to Crash': World Bank Whistleblower (24:15)

'Four Horsemen' - Official Trailer (2:11)

'Illegal Everything' - Full (42:03)

'Inside Job': Academy Award Winner Exposes Deep Corruption on Wall St. (2:21)

'Know Your Money' (3:30)

'Lightbulb Conspiracy' - Trailer (2:23)

'Mafia, What Mafia?' (10:00)

'Money & Life' - Trailer (3:13)

'Money As Debt II: Promises Unleashed' - Full (1:17:29)

'Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money' - Full (1:02:02)

'Preparing For Peak Oil' (5:49)

'Real Estate 4 Ransom' (39:48)

'The Banksters Madoff with America': Scene with Whistle Blower Karen Hudes (17:36)

'The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America' - Full Video (3:25:20)

'The Rockefellers' (2:14:08)

'The Secret of Oz' - Full Documentary (1:56:25)

'The Truth on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, JPMorganChase & The Fall of Geithner' (11:47)

'The Wall Steet Code' (2013) (50:29)

'Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price' (2005) Full Length Documentary (1:37:37)

'War by Deception' (2:28:42)

1 Year Delay in Economic Reset: Jim Willie (22:35) NEW!

12/4/14: Jim Willie "The Western Banking Cabal's Stranglehold" (59:01)

3.5 Billion Living in Poverty is 'Fantastic': Kevin Shylock O'Leary (1:12)

9/11: Is It Live or Is It Livery? (1:11:08)

A Little AA Battery 'Trick' (:59)

AARP: Lost Generation (1:45)

Administration Declares War on "Right-to-Work States" (8:33)

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars (43:34)

American Winter - Preview (4:52)

Americans Will Flock Into $5,000 Gold and $500 Silver (7:57)

Anarchast: G. Edward Griffin - The Creature from Jekyll Island! (59:14)

Argentina's Economic Collapse (2003) (1:54:07)

Banker 'Suicide' Body Count Rising. Why? (9:20)

Banksters & Government Exposed (12:46)

Bernie Madoff: Entire U.S. Government a "Ponzi Scheme" (:55)

Best Speech Ever on UFOs: Richard Dolan (10:18)

Bitcoin & The End of State-Controlled Money (2:21)

Bitcoin, Gold and Silver: Once and Future Money - presentation by Alasdair MacLeod (1:21:01)

Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told (3:32)

Bitcoins: This Week In Startups (1:04:47)

BitcoinStore.com: A Young Entrepreneur Talks Real World Uses (5:06)

Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability (39:11)

BOOM?: China Buying BILLIONS of US Real Estate (5:36)

Can We Live Forever? (43:09)

Carbon-Trading Mobsters Exposed (4:07)

Catastrophic Outcomes May Come Faster than Expected: James Rickards (34:57)

Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference (1:22:35)

Catherine Austin Fitts: 2015 Forecast to be Volatile and Violent (38:45)

Catherine Austin Fitts: Economic Crash-Up & Black Budget Goes Global (2:14:58)

Catherine Austin Fitts: Major Turning Point Comes this Fall (3:56)

Catherine Austin Fitts: The UFO Economy (1:29:30)

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve (1:30:12)

Chemtrails: How They Affect You and What You Can Do (8:39)

China or Bust (50:11)

China Rises: City of Dreams (52:45)

Clarity In the Court of Hell - Part 2 (10:50)

Code Rush: A Crucial Moment in Internet History (56:09)

Consumed (53:53)

Corporate Fascism: The Destruction of America's Middle Class (1:41:52)

Could Financial Engineering Cure Cancer? (5:31)

Crony Capitalists vs. Value Makers: Q&A w Max Borders (6:37)

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview (1:04:00)

Deagel.com: Site Projecting Massive US Depopulation Bans Viewers! (3:28)

DEBT BOMB: The Global Financial Crisis Stripped Bare (3:31)

Debt Limit: A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy (3:09)

Defeatism: The Lynchpin of Political Control (5:10)

Despite Policy Changes, IRS Seizes $107,000 From Innocent Small Business (2:21)

Divorce Corp: Why the American Family-Court System is Broken (7:53)

Dollar Won't Collapse, NWO = No. Gold From the Philippines Will Bail Out World (6:52)

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (10:48)

Economic Collapse a Mathematical Certainty - Top 5 Places Where Not To Be (13:09)

Financial ‘Crisis’ in Greece (5:35)

Foster Gamble: Is the Value of Your Money About to Change (23:42)

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary (1:38:54)

Four Horsemen - Full Film (1:38:54)

Franz Hormann and Michael Tellinger: The End of Money and Ubuntu (35:00)

Fukushima = HAARP/Nuclear Attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London Banks: Leuren Moret (1:05:13)

Gaddafi's Pan-African Gold Currency Plan Would Have Destabilized the Dollar and the Euro (1:00:26)

Gob-Smacking Hagmann & Hagmann Report (2:45:29)

Gold Expert, Harvey Organ: "By December, this Whole thing Is Going to Collapse" (30:27)

Gold Gone? Germany Baffled as Fed Bars Access to Bullion (4:40)

Government Gone Wild! Brother, Can You Spare a Trillion? (3:17)

Hans Rosling: The Joy of Stats (4:48)

Harry Dent: Gold Target $700 or Lower (20:17)

Heist (2:46)

Hidden Secrets of Money: Seven Stages of Empire (30:18)

High Frequency Trading Explained (2:31)

"History is a Sham" (6:26)

Hot Particles & Measurement of Radioactivity (Arnie Gundersen & Marco Kaltofen) (14:58)

How Airlines Make Big Money When Planes Crash (3:56)

How Bitcoin Will End the Nation State - Jeffrey Tucker (17:03)

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood (22:25)

How Its Made: The 2 Euro Coin (5:16)

How Money is Created: Ben Dyson Explains the Debt Crisis (19:46)

How to Buy Happiness: Michael Norton (10:58)

How to Create Your Own Promissory Notes (27:06)

I Am Fishead: How Psychopaths and Antidepressants Influence Our Society (1:18:18)

If it Smells Good Will You Buy It? (4:07)

IMF BOMBSHELL: NWO Coming For Pension and Savings Accounts (7:45)

In Debt We Trust (1:29:14)

Indian Blanket Auction 'Rags to Riches' Story (7:06)

International Confidence in US Economy ‘Crumbling’ After Snowden Leaks (4:43)

Internet Socks Boiler Room (3:22)

IRS Unleashed (3:29)

James Corbett Breaks The Set on The Federal Reserve (7:27)

Jim Willie: Systemic Breakdown & Economic Collapse Guaranteed (21:38)

John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire (1:24:24)

John Perkins: We Screwed Up -- But We Can Fix It (22:42)

Karen Hudes Exposes the Coneheads at the Heart of Global Corruption (18:55)

Karen Hudes Predicts "Permanent Gold Backwardation" (34:37)

Karen Hudes Speaks to Freedom Central (50:34)

Karen Hudes: "The Greeks Have Been Scammed!" (30:59)

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Bubble Buzz (E431) (25:53)

Leuren Moret Exposes Fukushima (1:17:05)

Lifting the Veil: Barack Obama and the Failure of Capitalist "Democracy" (43:38)

MaidSafe Technology Overview (5:39)

Max Keiser's Predictions on WWIII and the World Economy (9:14)

Michael Tellinger: Ubuntu Party Elections 2014 (8:56)

Microfinance: Does it Work? (2:10)

Mining CEO Calls on Fellow Miners to Halt Physical Silver Sales to End the Paper Manipulation (15:42)

Minister Farrakhan Exposes International Bankers, Government Debt, & Fall of America (1 of 3) (14:59)

Money & Life - Full Film (1:26:15)

Money Mafia and The UFO Cabal: Major Revelations! Defense Minister Paul Hellyer (54:57)

Money: Defending Your Prosperity (14:55)

Mystery Withdrawals Made From Bank Accounts of MH-370 Passengers (1:48)

Niall Ferguson: The Ascent of Money (4:00:15)

Nomi Prins and the Bankster House of Cards (1:26:59)

Obama's Anti-SuperPAC SuperPAC (3:50)

Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF (7:05)

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (46:22)

Park Avenue (59:04)

Paul Craig Roberts: Triple Bubble Implosion Coming (44:51)

Predictive Programming and the Microchipping Agenda (1:18:06)

Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy (1:32:40)

Professor Franz Hormann: Banned Ted Talk (14:33)

Project Camelot: Interview with Karen Hudes: World Bank Whistle-Blower (1:56:21)

Protecting Marijuana's $2.7 Billion Cash Industry When Banks Won't (4:48)

Psychological & Economic Warfare (8:27)

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street (47:49)

Reconomy Global Cooperative Crowdfunding (4:30)

Richard Dolan: Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization (1:07:23)

Richest People of the Middle East (45:41)

Richie Rich Gets Richer (28:10)

Robin Williams: What Nobody Will Talk About! (8:49)

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo (10:41)

Ron Paul's Emergency Warnings For 2015 (32:15)

Second-Hand Clothes from US: Bustling Business in Haiti (4:02)

Sourcing the Crowd (3:38)

SunMoney - The Power of Local Marketplaces (:32)

The 2012 National Debt Road Trip (2:49)

The Banksters, the FDIC and You (4:26)

The Best Kept Secrets of the Dollar (8:28)

The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind: Hidden Secrets of Money - Episode 4 (29:35)

The Biggest Scam In the History of Mankind: Mike Maloney (29:34)

The Black Swan is on the Wing: Message from Oz (0:00)

The Card Game (52:32)

The Carlyle Connection (48:49)

The Crisis of Credit Visualized (11:10)

The Dangers of
Indiscriminate Incorporation - Part 1

The Declaration of Bitcoin's Independence (4:39)

The Declining Dollar and the Rise of the NAU (4:24)

The Essence of the Banking Industry... (1:43)

The Fall of China. There Will Be No Economic Recovery. (23:16)

The Federal Reserve is Above the Law (0:48)

"The Federal Reserve Runs The Country" (7:03)

The Final Looting of America (12:10)

The Financial Coup d'Etat (and How to Overcome It) (14:08)

The Forgotten Wizard
of Free Energy'

The Free World Charter (6:31)

The Global financial Crisis with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (10:23)

The Greek Crisis: What You're Not Being Told (4:15)

The Inconspicuous Nests of the Urban Financial Elite (47:43)

The Irish Banking Revolution - YES!!! (8:44)

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Full Film (1:34:09)

The Ka-Ching Dynasty! (26:20)

The Plane Truth: Gas and Gold - Goodbye to the Petrodollar (1:54:26)

The Real Piggy Bank - Vanuatu (15:29)

The Real Reason Flight 370 Disappeared (6:54)

The Rise and the Fall of the Bankster Full Movie (1:01:47)

The Rise of Putin and The Fall of the Oligarchs - Part 2 (50:56)

The Secret World of Gold (42:35)

The True Story of The Bretton Woods (38:17)

Top Secrets of Gold - Full Film (44:12)

Treason Part 1: Casino Capitalism (29:26)

Under Occupation (2:07:53)

Unlocking the Power of Nanomaterials (2:09)

UROKO: The True History of the Banking Cartels and the Federal Reserve (1:27:40)

Voodoo: What They Won't Tell You about the National Debt (4:15)

Wealth Inequality in America (6:24)

What is Bitcoin? (1:37)

What Is Six Sigma? (3:30)

"Who is Rupert Murdoch?" (1:59)

Why America Should Default and You Should Live Abroad: Q&A with Doug Casey (6:04)

Why Bitcoin Will Be the Next Big Thing: Interview with Jeff Berwick (10:40)

World Bank Scandal & JFK killed over Gold Backed Dollars - Karen Hudes (32:01)

World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession: Karen Hudes (23:44)

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes (8:38)

Your Birth Certificate Is a Bond: How to Look it Up on the Stock Market (1:04)

Your TV Might Be Watching You! (3:15)

Zeitgeist Addendum (2:03:08)

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - Official Release (2:41:25)

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