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'Dead Wrong How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child' Full Length Documentary (1:27:32)

'Define Better' - Chill EB (4:33)

'Hofmann's Potion' - Full Film (56:27)

'How Violent Are You?' - Full Documentary (59:42)

'Leaf' - Film About Raw Cannabis Juice (15:00)

'Previous Lives' or 'Intrusive Experience?' (51:20)

'Psychopath' - Full Film (48:50)

'The Art of Urban Survival' (37:38)

'The Marketing of Madness' (2:58:19)

'The Secret You' - Full Length Documentary (58:35)

'The Stanford Prison Experiment' - Full (29:01)

'TRANCE Formation of America' (1-7) (10:41)

'What the Bleep do We Know!?' (1:48:24)

1GiantMind - Intro (3:40)

Aldous Huxley: The Battle of the Brains (1:02)

Alive Inside (6:30)

Beyond Smart: People Who Outsmart Computers - Full Film (47:11)

Biocentrism: Athene's Theory of Everything (49:31)

Bizarre Billionaire: Brain Injuries (9:30)

Buckaroo Banzai - Full (1:42:30)

Cannabis (58:57)

Consciousness and the Limits of Science: Boundaries of the Knowable (11:37)

Could Your Brain Be Hacked? (2:46)

Cured: A Cannabis Oil Story (9:15)

DNA is a Torsion Field Antenna (4:50)

Doctors Endorse Anti-Cancer Properties of Cannabis (5:08)

Electro-Sensitivity: Is it Real? (9:23)

Electromagnetic Fields and Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier: Dr. Leif Salford (19:56)

Enlightenment, Self and the Brain: How the Brain Changes with Final Liberation (1:39:12)

How to Oil Pull: for Naturally White Teeth and a Healthy Body (7:09)

How to Overcome Fear When Facing Real Danger (7:01)

Icke: How Public Education Controls Your Perception (4:37)

Inhuman: The Next and Final Phase of Man is Here - Trailer (3:28)

Is There Life After Death? (8:45)

Is Thinking Giving You Lethal Brain Cancer? (2:58)

Is Your Brain Tricking You? (4:42)

Lab Rat Gets Waterboarded (4:58)

Mind Over Mechanics (2:29)

Monsanto Convicted of Poisoning (1:06)

Paul Zak: Trust, Morality - and Oxytocin (16:35)

PSYCHEDEMIA - The Psychedelic Conference Documentary (1:00:01)

Psychological & Economic Warfare (8:27)

Robert Anton Wilson on 2012 (7:01)

Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid (16:43)

Teens in NY School Plagued by Tourette's Symptoms (3:04)

Telepathy: Naked Science (49:56)

The Afterlife Dysfunction (9:39)

The Aurora Colorado Shooting Raises Questions (9:21)

The Botany of Cannabis (9:04)

The Brain: A Secret History (59:06)

The Divided Brain (11:48)

The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain (14:26)

The Mystery of Memory (29:11)

The Neuro Revolution (18:53)

The Truth About 'Free Will' (5:54)

Underground LSD Palace (19:21)

Why Identical Twins Become Less Identical: Epigenetics (5:37)

WiFi in Schools: Behavioral and Cognitive Effects? (27:04)

‘Make Me Smarter’ (2013) (57:40)

‘The Gender Equality Paradox’ (2010) (38:52)

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