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New Age


'2012' - Documentary Film (2:41:17)

'Alien Harvest: Cattle Mutilation' - Full Film (44:43)

'Aquarius: The Age of Evil' - Full Documentary (2:18:45)

'Cults: Dangerous Devotion' - Full Film (1:29:59)

'Dragon in the Sky: Planet X, Aliens & Beyond' (1:48:13)

'Esoteric Agenda' (2:03:55)

'Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill' - Full Film (1:28:52)

'Holographic Universe' (1:52:05)

'Project 10-10-10: Pill or Perception?' Trailer for Independent Film (233)

'Project 101010 Pill or Perception' - Full Length Documentary (1:20:45)

'The Awakening' - Full Length Documentary (1:05:43)

'The Cult: Heaven's Gate' - Full Documentary (54:28)

'The Secrets of Scientology' - Full Film (59:07)

1st Template Ceremony (36:47)

2012 - Message of the Maya 9th Wave (10:49)

2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages (1:47:51)

Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream (44:31)

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: 'Rise and Fall' Documentary Short (8:53)

Breatharian FAIL (10:49)

Cattle Mutilations (43:36)

Charles Manson (43:09)

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 2: 'Funny' Torture (56:36)

Crazy Rulers of the World Part 3: Psychic Footsoldiers (59:02)

Ego: The Worst Confidence Trick Director's Cut of Final Scenes from 'Revolver' (2005) (1:41)

Gingrich: Bohemian Grove Observers Live "Fantasy Lives" (1:56)

H.P. Blavatsky - Biographical Documentary (1:06:41)

Inspiration Gal: Comet Elenin, Maya Calendar & Key Astrological Dates (13:00)

Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves? Lissa Rankin, MD (18:51)

Life After Death? (5:55)

Louise Hay - 'You Can Heal Your Life' Full Length (1:29:26)

Nibiru and the Pole Shift (22:54)

Priest: Hell Invention to Control People with Fear (3:17)

Spirit Science 12: The Human History Movie (59:07)

The Aldebaran Mystery: Nazi UFO Secrets (39:20)

The DNA 'Phantom Effect' (3:16)

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Excerpt (54:47)

The New World Order: Its 6,000-Year History (1:42:08)

The Template (8:29)

The World's Greatest Mantra (7:22)

Who Are the Starseed Indigos? (6:43)

Who is God? Deepak Chopra (3:02)

Wisdom of the Wayshowers - Trailer (5:45)

Zeta Movie: Earth Changes and the Pole Shift (2:37:40)

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