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'9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda (2:47)

'Hunt for the Unabomber' - Full Film (47:27)

'Infinitely Easier to Kill a Million People than it is to Control Them' (5:09)

'Inside the Nuclear Threat' - Full Film (46:01)

'Into the Fire' - Full Documentary (2:03:47)

'Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace' - Presentation (5:27)

'Lockerbie: Case Closed' (?) - Full Film (47:43)

'Lost Nuke' - Full (45:46)

'Prototype' (1983) - Full Film (1:31:57)

'Space Wars' (45:02)

'The Intelligence War' - Full Film (47:13)

'The Secret Land' (1:09:37)

'The Stanford Prison Experiment' - Full (29:01)

'UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers' (1956) (1:30:04)

'We Feed the Network' (3:00)

1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres (2:54)

16 "Anonymous" Hackers Arrested by the FBI (2:07)

42 Ways to Kill Hitler (47:30)

A Country with No Water: Fahad Al-Attiya (8:47)

A Parallel Society (7:26)

Airport Strip Searches (4:17)

Amid High-Stakes Nuclear Negotiations, the Human Faces of Iran (42:49)

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: Witness Testimony (13:49)

BBC: Israel's Secret Weapon (2003) (44:14)

Black Man in the CIA (4:53)

Bullets, Lots of Bullets (44:58)

C-SPAN Callers School Homeland Security Correspondent on Underwear Bomber (6:02)

California's Open Carry Ban (6:14)

CIA Covert Action in Iran, Vietnam, Laos, the Congo, Cuba and Guatemala (1965) Documentary Film (51:47)

Comet Elenin Smoking Gun? White House Letter Addresses "Impending Asteroid Collision with Earth" (:39)

Computers Rig Elections (11:59)

Controlling the Web (24:32)

Cornell Scientists Make Things Disappear (1:22)

Create a back-up Internet! (5:44)

DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots (:58)

DARPA's iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid (20:04)

Declassified from the Gemini Project (10:00)

DECLASSIFIED: US Army's Top Secret Arctic City Under the Ice! "Camp Century" (31:49)

Deep Underground Bases (8:01)

Defense Minister of Canada (Ret.) on UFOs (9:24)

Disclosure Project Trailer (6:17)

Dishonorable Disclosures (22:01)

Edward Snowden Offered Flight To Iceland By Icelandic Businessman (9:38)

Emotional Assange Discusses Extradition and House Arrest (2:33)

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF (3:04)

Famous Atom Bomb Footage Faked? (7:08)

Feds Hounded 'Net Activist Aaron Swartz, Says EFF's Parker Higgins (8:11)

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary (1:38:54)

Going Undercover as a Mexican Drug Lord (8:05)

Good Guns, Bad Guns? U.S. Arms in Reach of Syria Rebels (4:10)

Government Issued Stun Bracelets for all Airline Passengers (5:52)

Hackers, Cybercrime and the War on Your Pants (3:52)

History of the Internet (8:10)

Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century (1:58:24)

In America, Detention Centers without Sunlight (3:55)

IntelliStreets: Spying Street Lights (2:11)

Interview with Departing NSA Director Gen. Alexander (32:44)

Iran's Nuclear Assets (1:18)

Is JADE HELM 15 Closing Walmarts? (3:04)

Is Journalism Being Criminalized? (6:27)

Is New Madrid Fault Zone Catastrophe Imminent? (33:18)

Jesselyn Radack Reads Edward Snowden's Statement for EU Parliament Committee (2:59)

Kew's Millennium Seed Bank (5:41)

Lady Killers: US General in Afghanistan Ensnared in E-mail Catfight (3:24)

Larry King: UFOs Disarmed 20 Nukes at 2 US Launch Facilities in 1967 (1:37)

Larry Page: Where's Google Going Next? (23:31)

Light-Based 'Intervention Systems' (:56)

Missile Madness: Now Over Albany? (:32)

Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy Residents - Boston (1:45)

Mystery Missile Launched in Los Angeles (2:51)

Mystery Missile Update: George Noory on CNN (3:56)

"Mystery Missile" Fly-By Over NYC (:30)

No Greater Burden: Surviving an Aircraft Accident (32:02)

NSA WhistleBlower Talks: Thomas Drake (57:33)

OKBOMB: 'A Noble Lie' - Trailer (3:39)

Operation Gladio (2:25:45)

Pelosi Booed (:42)

Pentagon TV: The Weaponization of Space (1:29)

Phone Hacking Software Download (4:51)

Phone Phreaks (50:09)

Psychic Soldiers and the Cold War (3:40)

Purpose of Chemtrails (6:47)

Rare Earth Elements (4:16)

Real Airport Security (7:14)

Real Cloaking Device (:20)

Ret. Air Force Generals Say UFOs Will Stop A Nuclear Holocaust (5:20)

RFID Chips: Nobody Can Have Just One (1:00)

Robot Hummingbird (1:14)

Russian Expert Suggests "Mystery Missile" Fired by Non-US Military (2:21)

Secret War Being Waged in Space? (9:43)

Smart Lights: New LEDs Allow NSA to Spy on Your Every Movement (4:09)

SmartConnect Meter Upgrade Completed! (4:33)

Snake Drones! Awesome! (2:34)

Solar Roadways (4:38)

Telepathy: Naked Science (49:56)

The "True" Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (9:53)

The Anchorage Incident - John Callahan Testimony (21:59)

The Blimp Police (3:28)

The Disclosure Project (1:55:51)

The First UFO Cover-Up (2:32)

The Invisible Man (12:35)

The New Madrid Fault: The Sleeping Giant (9:58)

The Robot Wars (1:27)

The Secret History of Silicon Valley (56:32)

The Spy Files: Cyber Intelligence Made Easy (2:22)

They Want Your Soul: The Global Information Grid & You (16:58)

TSA Revolt: Body Scanning for Profit (3:52)

TSA: Help Wanted (3:06)

UFO Spooks Pilots at Bush Intercontinental (2:07)

Ukraine Woes, US Human Rights Abuses and 9 More Nuke Commanders Fired (12:58)

URGENT: NASA Emails Employees "Prepare Now 2011" (2:37)

US Denies Legacy of Overthrowing Governments (3:39)

US Government Reveals Memo on Drone Killing of Americans (6:07)

Walmart Snitch Program Collapses Under Weight of Homeland Security (3:50)

Want to Control the Plane You're Flying in? Don't Worry, There's an App for That! (0:21)

What if we were not alone? (1:39:24)

WikiLeaks Documentary - Full Version (50:55)

WikiLeaks Releases "Shadow CIA" E-Mails (:23)

William Pawelec: Posthumous Interview Released by Disclosure Project (1:00:16)

Your New Home! (Just Kidding) (2:09)

‘B and E, A to Z: How to Get In Anywhere, Anytime’ (1987) (1:58:05)

‘Secrets, Politics and Torture’ (2015) (54:30)

‘We Just Want to Hone Our Skills:’ Army on Jade Helm 15 Military Exercises (2:04)

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