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Are We Electromagnetic Radiation Guinea Pigs? (6:58)

Big Brother Smartphone Surveillance (17:10)

Cell Phone Dangers (5:51)

Could a SmartPhone Change Your Medical Care - Brian Williams (9:06)

Death by Smart Meter (11:53)

Dragon-Flying! Happy Chinese New Year 2012 (4:11)

Gecko Adhesive Fit for Spider-Man (8:22)

Google Glass Emits More Radiation than Most Smart Phones (1:36)

Hacking Expert Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid (8:15)

HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chemtrails, SmartMeters, HAARP, Reproducing in Candida (6:30)

Internet of Things (2:14)

Is Your Phone Tapped? (2:01)

Lady Killers: US General in Afghanistan Ensnared in E-mail Catfight (3:24)

MIT's Dan Nocera: A Solution to the Global Energy Challenge (1:18:25)

Petraeus Promoted Email Surveillance & Bugging Our Home Appliances (1:58)

PG&E Puts Analog Meter Back (1:03)

Public Health Physician Warns of Smart Meter Dangers (2:23)

Removing & Replacing a Smart Meter with a Safe Analog Meter (10:32)

Rise of the Machines - USA (27:34)

Santa Cruz Board Questions PG&E - SmartMeter ShutOffs (22:43)

Smart Lights: New LEDs Allow NSA to Spy on Your Every Movement (4:09)

Smart Meters Surveillance Devices Spying on Your Home and Family (4:33)

"Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (43:12)

SmartConnect Meter Upgrade Completed! (4:33)

SmartInversion: Pulsatory Drive Flight Model (1:58)

SmartMeters and EMF Radiation Poison (15:00)

"SmartMeters" & EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time (43:12)

Spying Through Every Device: Think Tank (5:59)

Stop Smart Meters: Trailer for Independent Film (5:55)

The Britishes: Stop Looking at Your Phones (3:38)

The Dancing Traffic Light (1:56)

The Internet of Things Europe: Imagine Everything Were Linked... (3:02)

TrapWire: Spying on YOU? (7:04)

USA Inc.: NASA, Depopulation & You (35:57)

Want to Control the Plane You're Flying in? Don't Worry, There's an App for That! (0:21)

Your TV Might Be Watching You! (3:15)

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