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'2001: A Space Odyssey' Cut to Peter Schilling's 'Major Tom' (4:00)

'2012: Science or Superstition' - Official Trailer (2:13)

'Dark Side of the Moon' - Part 5 (13:37)

'Earth: Making of a Planet' - Full Film (1:31:29)

'Holographic' Jet Loses Wing Over London (2:03)

'In Search of the Edge' - Full Film (25:03)

'Interstellar': Mystery Space Machines Caught on Telescope (26:47)

'Journey to the Edge of the Universe' - Full Film (1:30:33)

'Lost Star of Myth and Time' (10:37)

'One Mile Diameter' UFO Filmed by Space Station Now Confirmed as 'Real' (17:52)

'Secret Space - The SOYUZ Conspiracy' (51:41)

'Space Oddity' Performed by Commander Chris Hadfield (5:31)

'The Blue Planet' - Full Film (42:27)

'The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space?' - Full Film (55:43)

1,000 New Planet Candidates (1:59)

2012: Ophiuchus (6:33)

209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence (3:30)

8/11/2014 LEAKED! Raw Rosetta Images of Alien Buildings on Comet 67P (6:29)

ALMA Observatory Releases First Image (8:42)

Apollo 11: The Untold Story (48:31)

Asteroid 2012 DA14: Coming this February (1:06:57)

Asteroids Heading to Earth? 'Pray,' Says NASA (5:15)

Asteroids Toutatis and XE54 Pass Close To Earth (1:50)

Attack of the Sun (24:01)

Aurora Borealis 2013-03-17 (3:11)

Awesome: Space Station Commander Gives Zero G Tour of ISS (25:05)

Caroline Moore: Youngest Person to Discover a Supernova (1:31)

Catherine Austin Fitts: The UFO Economy (1:29:30)

China's Chang'e 3 Yutu Rover Sends Back Images of Brownish Soil on Moon (4:14)

CNN: Closest Asteroid Ever Tracked to Fly By this February (2:31)

Colossal Telescope Transporter (5:28)

Comet Ison "Steered" by UFOs? (1:43)

Comparing CMEs (2:14)

Cosmic Alcohol (44:28)

"Crawling with Aliens": The REAL Reason Why They Haven't Been Back to the Moon? (8:49)

Crowded Skies (29:49)

Curiosity: Mars Mission Set to Land this August (5:22)

Dark Mission Part 1 - NASA Moon Hoax - Analysis of the Lunar Photography (2:13:14)

Definitely Not Planet X or Nibiru (3:35)

Don Scott on the Electronic Sun (28:16)

Dynamic Earth: Phenomenal Animation (4:27)

Earth from Space (2:31)

Earth's First Trojan Asteroid: Shares Earth's Orbit (1:27)

Edgar Mitchell on the UFO Cover-Up in the Film, 'The Grounded 2' (6:00)

Electric Model of the Universe (:31)

ESA Looks at Mars (4:02)

First Animal to Survive in Space (7:54)

Giant Glacier Calves in Greenland (1:20)

GRAIL Mission Episode 7: High Heritage Builds High Confidence (3:15)

Hoax Alert: History Channel's 'Apocalypse Island' (5:14)

How Did Mars Lose Its Atmosphere? (2:01)

Huge Explosion Spotted on Mars After Comet Siding Spring Passes (2:11)

In Search Of: Ancient Astronauts - Narrated by Rod Serling (51:35)

India Becomes First Asian Nation to Reach Mars Orbit Joins Elite Global Space Club (1:51)

Interstellar Flight (25:41)

Ison's Incoming Debris Hitting the Sun (3:31)

ISS: A Step Closer to Deep Space NASA Preparing for a #JourneyToMars (2:32)

Jupiter: the Largest (7:30)

Keshe Plasma Reactor for Clean Energy, Nuclear Decontamination and Space Travel (6:12)

Know Your Space Rocks (1:54)

Laniakea: Our Home Supercluster (4:11)

Magnificent Eruption in Full HD (2:11)

Mars in Stunning HD (2:33)

Mars Viking Caller Regarding Men on Mars in 1979 (3:25)

Michio Kaku on the Space Elevator (2:05)

Naica Crystal Cave - Mexico (10:01)

NASA Johnson Style - 'Gangnam Style' Parody (3:48)

NASA vs The Nibiru Underground! (5:29)

NASA's Alien Anomalies Caught on Film (10:00)

NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Old Streambed on Mars (51:40)

NASA: Abundant Clean Energy (2:49)

NASA: Amazing Experiments with Water in Zero Gravity (5:20)

NASA: Arctic Cyclone Breaks Up Sea Ice (:33)

NASA: Comet Ison's Full Perihelion Pass (1:37)

NASA: Fermi's Close Call with a Soviet Satellite (4:20)

NASA: GEOS-5 Aerosols (1:35)

Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Stopped Dreaming - Part 1 (5:20)

On Astrology (1:18)

On Jupiter: Destroyer of Impactors (48:06)

Project Isis: The Secret KGB Abduction Files (1:22:26)

Richard Dolan: Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization (1:07:23)

Russian Astronomer, Leonid Elenin Comes Out to Debunk the "Extinction Level Event" Psy-Op (7:17)

Science and Responsibility, Colbert and Tyson (1:24:42)

Secret 5,000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovery: Steve Quayle (33:33)

Secret Messages: Abductee George Kavassilas (35:28)

Secret Space Program: Richard Dolan (1:44:41)

Shocking UFO Documentary (2012) (1:37:13)

Solar Storms: 5 Reasons to Care Right Now (2:37)

Some Strange Things Are Happening to Astronauts Returning to Earth (19:02)

Space Plasma Physics Explained in Less than Two Minutes (1:41)

Star Size Comparison (2:34)

Steven Greer: 'Sirius' The Documentary (4:23)

Steven Greer: The Truth About the End of NASA's Shuttle Program (56:49)

Steven Greer: The Truth About the End of NASA's Shuttle Program (56:49)

Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission (1:05)

The Archons: Alien Invaders From Space (31:43)

The Asteroid that Flattened Mars (20:13)

The Biggest Secret of Mankind (1:00:48)

The Boeing X-37B Lands - Another to Take-Off Next Month (1:17)

The Carpenters: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (4:58)

The Colbert Report: Obama In Secret Space Program (5:28)

The Electric Comet - Full Film (Under Construction) (1:29:02)

The Electric Universe: The Essential Role of Plasma (3:04)

The Electric Universe: The Essential Role of Plasma (3:04)

The Logistics of Getting Man to Mars (1:59)

The Mars Underground (1:13:53)

The Real 4,400 - Abductees Worldwide (48:23)

The Remarkable Science of Solar Eclipses (3:48)

The Secret Mars Colony (32:32)

The Space Shuttle Era is Over (Thank God!) (2:31)

The True Colors of the Moon (1:13:08)

The Universe (6:31)

The World View Experience (2:08)

Tunguska Meteroid Blast (48:21)

UFO Files: Russian Roswell (45:15)

UFOs - Is It Real? (47:00)

UFOs Best Evidence: The Government Cover-Up (1:15:06)

UFOTV Presents: Alternative 3 - Mars Coverup Exposed (36:12)

UK's Sabre Rocket Engine Could Open Up Access to Space, as Never Before (1:21)

Very Large Telescope (VLT): HD Timelapse Footage (8:10)

Voyage To The Planet of Prehistoric Women (1:19:36)

Water Flows on Mars - This is Now Not Millions of Years Ago! (2:01)

"We Are The Aliens" (48:50)

Weirdest Planets - HD (47:16)

What is Earthing? (1:41)

What is HAARP? (1:02:58)

When Will Humans Live on Mars? (26:28)

Zombie Exoplanet: Hubble Data Revives Fomalhaut B (2:08)

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