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Time Travel


'Montauk Chronicles' - Trailer (2014) (2:53)

'Source Code' - Trailer (2:24)

'Time Machine: The World Shaped by Time' Full Documentary (58:59)

26-Year-Old Mother of 10 Hybrid Human Alien Children (31:03)

Are Gov't Underwater Bases Testing Alien Technology? (44:22)

Brown Dwarfs: Stars Cold Enough to Touch (15:00)

Bruce Cathie: The Harmonic Code Part1 (20:48)

Chicxulub Impact Visualization (2:26)

DisinfoTV: The Montauk Project (8:08)

Fear of a Brown Planet and Reverse Racism (2:49)

First REAL Time Travel Machine Being Built at UConn? (5:31)

GMO Mind Control & Nanotechnology (1:41:44)

How to Time Travel (4:09)

Imagining the 10th Dimension (1:44:28)

Internet Time Traveler (1:16)

Is Time Travel Possible? (2:45)

Jean-Claude Van Damme: The Epic Split (1:17)

Jim Marrs: The Most Bizarre and Believable UFO Conspiracy Theories (45:58)

KVOS Webster Reports: The Extraordinary Equation of George Van Tassel (25:57)

Linda Moulton Howe: ET Resurrection Annunaki & Interdimensional War (2:29:32)

Mass Extinctions (10:26)

NASA Scientist: Warp Drive is Possible (2:26)

Nikola Tesla: The Philadelphia Experiment and Time Travel (9:40)

Shadow Operations: The Mars Project (45:06)

Teleportation Device: Pop Haydn (14:08)

The "True" Story of the Philadelphia Experiment (9:53)

The Biggest Secret of Mankind (1:00:48)

The Colbert Report: Obama In Secret Space Program (5:28)

The Illusion of Time (53:13)

The Logistics of Getting Man to Mars (1:59)

The Odyssey of Flight 33 - Part 1 (10:00)

The Odyssey of Flight 33 - Part 3 (5:04)

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) (1:37:07)

The Philadelphia Experiment 2012 - Full Film (1:25:01)

The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project (1:35:21)

The Secret Powers of Time (10:09)

The Twilight Zone: The Parallel Full Episode (52:11)

Time Travel and Stargate Portals are Real and Exist on Earth Today (39:17)

UFOs: Secrets of Project Red Light (52:38)

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